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  • Condor Portables
    Condor Portables is a storage building manufacturer. We also construct carports. We build both residential and commercial structures. We have been serving North Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina since 1987. We can supply you with a portable or permanent structure, custom built to fit your exact needs. If you have been searching for just the right storage unit or cover, you need search no more. We are able to match any covenants or restriction in your area. We can match your siding, roof lines, roof material, and colors!
  • Control Specialties
    For more than two decades, companies across the country have relied on the boiler experts at Control Specialties to fill all their steam system needs. Our large selection of system components and new and used boilers, combined with our ability to evaluate steam, condensate systems, and service and install boilers, has made us a single source supplier for virtually any product installed on any type of piping system. Gainesville GA
  • Curahee Trialers
    We manufacture Landscape, Utility and Equipment Trailers. Check out our website.
  • Floorganics - All Natural Carpet
    Floorganics is the standard in environmentally sustainable soft surface flooring. We manufacture residential carpet that is made from all 100% natural materials. We use no dyes, chemicals, or synthetics of any kind. Because Floorganics is all natural, our products are 100% biodegradable - so once it's flooring life cycle is over there is no negative landfill or other environmental impact.
  • Georgia Copper, LLC
    Georgia Copper supplies copper strap for the grounding of communication, radio, and TV facilities. Georgia Copper stocks various sizes of copper strap and related accessories for immediate shipment to radio and TV stations nationwide. Georgia Copper is based in Gainesville. 770-536-1108
  • Georgia Distilling Company
    Georgia's premier craft distillery specializing in the creation of vodka, gin, and bourbon
  • Georgia Foam - Foam Insulation
    28th year in foam insulation, packaging, foam shapes for stucco, wall insulation, S.I.P. panels, Geo-Foam, contact me at with any questions.
  • Industrial Depot
    Fastener,Hardware,Screws,Rivets,Bolts,Nuts,Tek Screw,Washer,Electrical Fitting,Bolt Bin,Fastener Kits,Contract Packaging,Screws,Cotter pins,Springs,O Ring,Snap Rings,E Clips, We can work of any print, Standard to Specials The Industrial Depot Astro Bolt & Nut 678.904.5000 678.904.5001 fax
  • Lanny Dungan's Welding Services
    Lanny Dunaganís Welding Service is family owned and operated. We have built our reputation and business around quality work. We are three generations deep in the welding business in Gainesville, GA. We have been building decks, welding, and fabricating for more than 25 years. We concentrate on three main areas of business: Roll cages for tractors Decks on quality homes, and Fabrication for large industry companies, and Ornamental Iron Work There really isnít a great deal we canít do when it comes to fabrication.
  • Shape Innovations Inc
    Custom foam fabricator-signs, packaging materials, columns, architectural shapes, foam balls, floral, movie sets, custom designs. WE CAN MAKE IT. 770-869-3036
  • Tunco Manufacturing Inc.
    Tunco Manufacturing Inc. is a leader in the field of producing crushed tungsten carbide products, including grinding, gripping and protection solutions, as well as hardfacing coating and ceramic coating. From design to delivery, we can work with any client requiring a standard or custom-developed and produced product in large or small quantities.

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